Jelling, Kirke og høje

Danish to the core


Jelling has plenty to shout about when it comes to Danish history. It was here that the royal family was founded, and it was here that Denmark officially changed from paganism to Christianity. From here it took King Gorm and his son Harald Bluetooth just a few decades …

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Images from Jelling

Runesten i montre

År: 2013 PHOTO:Jytte Nielsen

Runesten i montre
Jelling fra luften
Jelling, Runesten-2
Jelling, Runesten-1
Jelling, Kirke og runesten
Jelling Kirke, Indre
Jelling, Kirke og høje-1
Jelling, Kirke og høje

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Second-rate Queen

King Frederik IV met Anne Sophie Reventlow at a masquerade ball. He was so smitten that he later…

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