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There was a crooked farm on Als


Jollmand's Farm is in the village of Holm on North Als. The ancient farm is shaped like a fish hook. The farmhouse joins onto the stable and to the east, the barns curl around the courtyard. In the 18th century, the farm was half-timbered. The high barns still…

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Special Schleswig farms

Time / Periode 1700 2009
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Jollmand's Farm is an example of the shape of farm characteristic of Schleswig that is found only in South Jutland and in South Schleswig between Dannevirke and Aabenraa. Farms like Jollmand's have a main wing containing both housing and stables separated by a pathway or gateway. Barns, bakery, or accommodation for the old owner stood some way off. The farms have no real courtyard as such. The main entrance faces the road. The flower garden is in front of the farm and the kitchen garden is at the back. The Schleswig farms are a cross between Holstein farms with everything under one large roof and the classic Danish four-wing farms. In the 18th century in South Jutland four-winged farms were spreading from the north down and Holstein farms were moving in from the south up. The Schleswig farms may also have been inspired by old Frisian traditions.

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Jan Kaczmarek
, more than 6 years ago

Great story, Peter. Best regards / med venlig hilsen Jan from

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Special Schleswig farms

Jollmand's Farm is an example of the shape of farm characteristic of Schleswig that is found…

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