Vejdæmning til Kalø Slotsruin

The die-hard castle


Kalø Castle is one of Denmark's largest and best-preserved castle ruins. It is located at the top of a small island in Kalø Cove, which is connected with the mainland by an embankment. The oldest castle on the site was built by King Erik VI Menved"…

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Images from Kalø Castle


År: 2012 PHOTO:T.Dam. Them

Kalø i sne
Kalø på afstand
Vandfyldte voldgrave
Vejdæmningens belægning
Slotsherrens bolig
Kalø set fra afstand
Volde og grave
Vejdæmning til Kalø Slotsruin

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King forced peasants to build castles

New taxes were no less popular in the Middle Ages than now. In 1312-13, Jutland peasants and nobles…

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