Thorvald Stauning

Birthplace of the welfare state


Kanslergade would never have been mentioned in the history books if it hadn't been for number 10. The building has now been torn down. But No. 10 was once the home of Social Democratic Prime Minister Stauning during the years when Danish society and democracy were…

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One for the road

Time / Periode 1933
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Decades after the Kanslergade compromise, Stauning's long-term companion, Augusta Erichsen, brought an insignificant decanter to the then Minister of Education, Knud Børge Andersen. Augusta explained that the Kanslergade compromise came close to disaster. The negotiations between the Social Democratic government and the Liberal Party almost ran aground several times. Finally, during the early hours of the morning, the participants were ready to leave. Wishing to offer them one for the road, Stauning asked Augusta to fetch a decanter of whisky from the cellar. Some hours and several glasses of whisky later, the compromise was finalised. The cornerstone of the welfare state and the principle of broad cooperative democracy had been put in place. The decanter is now on display at the Workers Museum.

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One for the road

Decades after the Kanslergade compromise, Stauning's long-term companion, Augusta Erichsen,…

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