Jutland's border castle


For centuries, Koldinghus was a border castle between the kingdoms of Denmark and Schleswig. It was used frequently by Danish kings. King Christoffer of Bavaria built the west wing and the castle's northern section in 1447. Later, in 1549-54 under King Christian…

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Images from Koldinghus

the castle ruin

handcoloured postcard

År: 1920 (ca.) PHOTO:heritage Agency of Denmark

Koldinghus Slotsruin 2012 ... skala 1:10 i Kolding Miniby
Koldinghus Slotsruin 2012 ... skala 1:10 i Kolding Miniby
The west wing after the renovation
the castle ruin
the castle ruin
the castle ruin

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Stories (2)

Burned-down castle resurrected as masterpiece

Magnificent Koldinghus served as a barracks for Spanish auxiliary troops during the Napoleonic…

Cold Spaniards in Kolding

In the winter of 1807-08, Spanish troops were billeted at the Medieval castle of Koldinghus in…

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