Local authority hospital at the cutting edge


The new hospital, Kommunehospitalet, was sited between the lake Sortedamssøen and the ramparts of the city. The military authorities had granted dispensation for the vast building in the former military border zone. The architect Christian Hansen, who supervised…

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Hansen brightens up Athens

Time / Periode 1863
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When Greece was established as a nation following the War of Independence of 1821-31, Athens had to be recreated as a capital. In the early 1800s, the renowned city was little more than a village with none of the institutions of a modern metropolis. And so the greatness of Athens had to be built up from scratch. Among the architects involved in this mammoth redevelopment project were the two Danish brothers Christian Hansen (1803-83) and Theophilus Hansen (1813-91). From the mid-1830s onwards, the two architects supplied the city with buildings such as a royal mint, university, national library, academy, hospital, observatory and a couple of churches, along with a number of distinguished private properties and palaces in and around the city. The style was essentially Classicist in direct reference to the city's antiquity. Christian Hansen was inspired by the knowledge that the ancient ruins had originally been colourful rather than pure white. Intense yellows, reds and blues found their way into Hansen’s architecture and are distinctive of one of his masterpieces; the university in Athens. In between, Christian Hansen experimented with the Byzantine style, which later benefited the Danes when he designed Copenhagen Municipal Hospital (built in 1859-63), which is clearly inspired by Byzantine ecclesiastical and palatial architecture.

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An end to porridge

The porridge was simmering in the small tea kitchens of Kommunehospitalet. It was not destined for …

Hansen brightens up Athens

When Greece was established as a nation following the War of Independence of 1821-31, Athens had to …

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