“Draft dodgers” in the woods


Kompedal Camp is located in the middle of Kompedal Plantage. This plantation, which dates back to 1797, was an attempt by the state to reclaim sandy stretches of heathland for the cultivation of conifers. In 1918, deep inside the plantation, the state erected…

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Civilian service

Time / Periode 1955 1972
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Compulsory civilian service as a substitute for military service was permitted by law in Denmark from 1917. It was introduced in the wake of the horrors of the First World War, when many workers in the cities refused to be conscripted. The number of conscientious objectors in any one year was normally only 1 to 3 per cent, but with the youth revolt of 1968, the number rose dramatically to a peak in 1974 when almost 19 per cent opted for civilian service. It was in this period that the Kompedal camp was torched! Boredom, civil disobedience and hash smoke typified the last years of the camp’s existence. Many of the conscientious objectors were active in the peace movement, opponents of nuclear power or strongly leftist. As such, the camp represents the many movements of the youth revolt that influenced political debate in the 1960s and 1970s. The buildings were not rebuilt after the fire in 1972 as there was now the option of performing civilian service in other public entities such as museums or kindergartens.

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Civilian service

Compulsory civilian service as a substitute for military service was permitted by law in Denmark…

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