Kong Asgars Høj

Building boom in passage graves


Towering in the landscape on the island of Møn is Kong Asgers Høj (King Asger's Mound"). With its 10-metre-long chamber, this is one of Denmark's largest passage graves. From the road, the long passage into the grave on the eastern side is clearly…

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Disappointed treasure hunter

Time / Periode -3250 -3000
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We were fortunate enough to immediately find the entrance, which faces south, but it cost much effort to excavate the compacted clay with which it was almost entirely filled. Inside the passage grave, there were some two feet of loose, dry sand or ash, in which I had anticipated a rich find, but, sad to say, I was disappointed". These were the words written by Hage the grocer in 1839 to the National Museum of Denmark. Only few archaeological specimens were found in the passage grave: a fine battle axe made of rock, a few flint tools and crumbled skeletal remains. But for this old treasure hunter and amateur archaeologist, no one could take away his delight in being the first to enter a chamber where time had stood still for 5,000 years. "

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Carmen Johnson
, more than 10 years ago

Im not sure who Id be talking to Mr Hansen perhaps?, Im planning a trip to Denmark soon, from Canada, and I was wondering about the stone battle axe that was found at the Kong Asgers Hoj site - which museum would it be in - Id like to see it. Also which museums hold artifacts from sites like these - are they local museums or in Copenhagen. thanks for you time Mr. Johnson

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Disappointed treasure hunter

We were fortunate enough to immediately find the entrance, which faces south, but it cost much…

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