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Twin stones in the burial mound


The 11-metre-long passage grave called Kong Svends Høj (King Svend's Mound") on the island of Lolland is enclosed in a large rectangular mound and surrounded by large kerbstones. The tallest of these is four metres high. The passage grave was constructed…

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A prime minister archeologist

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In the summer of 1780, Prime Minister, Count Reventlow (1748-1827) was visited by one Frederik Münter, a 19-year-old student of theology. The young Frederik was very interested in prehistoric finds, and together with the count undertook a dig in the passage grave. This is one of the earliest recorded investigations of a grave mound in Denmark. Münter was later to be the prime mover for the creation of the Antiquities Commission in 1807 and subsequently the National Museum of Denmark. In 1941, 1973 and 1991 further studies and restoration work were carried out in the passage grave, and new information about the grave and its construction came to light. A row of stones under the mound revealed a surveying system used in constructing the passage grave.

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A prime minister archeologist

In the summer of 1780, Prime Minister, Count Reventlow (1748-1827) was visited by one Frederik…

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