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Kronborg was built by King Frederik II in 1574-85. The castle replaced King Erik of Pomerania's medieval castle, Krogen", and used its fortifications to rule the entrance to the Sound, the stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden. Kronborg was initially…

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Shakespeare and the Danish muses

Time / Periode 1601
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”.. My good friends, I'll leave you till night. You are welcome to Elsinore. ” is how Prince Hamlet takes leave of his two attendants in Shakespeare's timeless play from 1601. The two nobles with the Danish-sounding names are only supporting cast in the drama, but may play a lead role in our understanding of why the English playwright set the events of "Hamlet" in Denmark. History tells us that the two Danish nobles Frederik Rosenkrantz and Knud Gyldenstjerne were on English soil in the 1590s for the purpose of visiting Queen Anne of Scotland, a Danish-born princess. En route, the two Danes met none other than William Shakespeare himself at a party. It is therefore not improbable that Frederik and Knud actually inspired the soon-famed bard to write “Hamlet”, the plot of which is based on the Danish legend of Prince Amled. Was the naming of the drama's unfortunate nobles a nod and a wink at his one-time Danish friends? Shakespeare's tale of Hamlet has been performed at Kronborg ever since a group of amateur dramatists delivered the famed blank verse at this castle location. Later Princes of Denmark have included world-famous celebrities like Laurence Olivier, Kenneth Branagh and Jude Law.

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Guarding the Sound

Kronborg shot to stardom when Shakespeare set his play Hamlet" at the castle. Kronborg was…

Shakespeare and the Danish muses

”.. My good friends, I'll leave you till night. You are welcome to Elsinore. ” is how…

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