Kvindernes bygning med restaurant og hotel

A women's centre


Kvindernes Bygning was built in 1935 in central Copenhagen on Nos. 8-10 Niels Hemmingsens Gade. This ferro-concrete building was designed in the Functionalist style as a women’s centre, by architect Ragna Grubb. When Grubb won the contract for the centre, she was one…

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Emma Gad united women

Time / Periode 1935
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" A plaque in the foyer reads: "In 1895, Emma Gad neé Halkier drafted the women's centre and raised funds". Otherwise famous in Denmark for her book Takt og tone ("The Manners of Good Society"), Gad was one of the initiators of the association that wanted to create a "new and lasting centre for women’s works"; Gad arranged for the holding of lotteries and orchid shows, and designed commemorative platters and labels. Talks were held, articles were penned and there was much lobbying. The project was in progress for many years, but meanwhile society was changing. This meant alterations to the centre: it now had apartments for single women, boarding rooms for women visitors from the provinces, a medical clinical staffed by women doctors and a "free reading room for working women". "

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Emma Gad united women

" A plaque in the foyer reads: "In 1895, Emma Gad neé Halkier drafted the women's…

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