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Bathing makes it to Rømø


Before the 19th century, no one could imagine that people would take it into their heads to bathe in the sea. At the Wadden Sea, though, bathing fashion spread from the island of Føhr, where the first spa was built in 1819. The Danish King Christian VIII took a…

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Pastor Jacobsen's holiday homes

Time / Periode 1898
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A plain, low-cost health resort for the German middle classes". That was how "Nordseebad Lakolk" was described. The local pro-German pastor Jacobsen was its initiator and in the course of just a few years at the turn of the 20th century, about 40 wooden cabins were built in Art Nouveau style. There were no toilets, bathrooms or kitchens in the holiday homes, so people ate at the Kaiserhalle restaurant, where the dining hall could seat 3-400 guests, and there was a reading room and billiard room. You could play sports on an area near the beach with the gymnastics equipment provided. Sadly, the company behind Lakolk went bankrupt in 1903. The holiday homes were sold and during the 20th century more and more new holiday homes were built, often at random with bad materials. Today, 11 of the original houses are judged to be worthy of preservation. "

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Pastor Jacobsen's holiday homes

A plain, low-cost health resort for the German middle classes". That was how "Nordseebad …

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