Lammefjorden, tulipanmark

Life at the bottom of the fjord


With a water depth of seven metres, Lamme Fjord is the world's deepest tract of reclaimed land. The project to drain Lamme Fjord's 5,630 hectares was a vast prospect when it was started in 1872-1874. The initiative came from the enterprising Baron Georg…

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Images from Lamme Fjord

Statue, Zypthen-Adeler

I Fårevejle Stationsby står denne statue af lensbaron Zypthen-Adeler

År: 2003 PHOTO:Morten Stenak

Den nye pumpestation
Statue, Zypthen-Adeler
Lammefjorden, tulipanmark

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German capital in Lamme Fjord

While the project to reclaim Lamme Fjord provided 6,000 hectares of new land for a much-truncated…

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