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Split mill


Little Mill in Christianshavn is one of Copenhagen's old embankment mills. A post mill from 1669 was replaced by a Dutch windmill in 1783. This was supplemented by a steam mill in 1832. Both ground flour for the city's population. The windmill was closed…

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Steam mill meets headwind

Time / Periode 1832
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" Miller Boye Lorenzen on Christianshavn's Embankment was quick off the mark. Copenhagen's first steam mill started normal operations in 1830. Just two years later, Lorenzen built the city's second steam mill with support from the industrial fund. The steam engine was to be supplied by mechanic and machine builder Carl Frederik Schiøtt. But the machine builder fled the country in 1833 after going bankrupt and before ever getting the mill to work. In 1837, fire struck and destroyed part of the property. Mill builder Jørgen Jørgensen from Christianshavn was in charge of the reconstruction work; but the winter weather delayed the project. Finally the windmill was rebuilt. It was given a modern and very sought-after "onion hat". The steam mill didn't start working again until 1854. By that time both miller Lorenzen and mill builder Jørgensen had been laid to rest at the Church of Our Saviour. The steam mill supplied Copenhageners with flour until 1909. "

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Steam mill meets headwind

" Miller Boye Lorenzen on Christianshavn's Embankment was quick off the mark.…

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