Engelhardts beretning

Weapons hidden from the Germans


Mårhøj passage grave from the Peasant Stone Age is near Kerteminde. This communal tomb, which is built of huge stones, is over 5,000 years old. It was first examined in 1868 by a local farmer's son, who added a door at the entrance. Conrad Engelhardt, an…

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Images from Mårhøj

Udsigt Mårhøj

Fra toppen af Mårhøj er en vid udsigt til Storebælt

År: 2008 PHOTO:Lars Bjarke Christensen

Udsigt Mårhøj
Engelhardts beretning

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The patriotic archaeologist

Conrad Engelhardt (1825-1881) was one of the noteworthy Danish archaeologists of the 19th century. …

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