[ Church of Our Lady, Kalundborg]

Church of Our Lady, Kalundborg

The church in Kalundborg is most unusual. The nave is quadratic and the church has five spires. The four sides of its nave extend outwards in each direction, so that the floorplan of the church forms a so-called Greek cross. The large central tower is supported by four multi-sectional granite columns. This fine brick church is said to have been built by Esbern Snare, the brother of the influential Bishop Absalon. According to legend, a troll assisted in its construction. Esbern Snare also built Kalundborg castle in circa 1170, the ruins of which are located to the west of the old part of town.

Esbern Snare defeated the troll

  • Story written by: Peter Pentz
  • Time / Periode 1200

Fin the Troll offered to help Esbern Snare build the church, but in return he wanted Esbern's eyes and heart unless Esbern could guess his name. When only half a column remained to be built, Esbern had still not guessed the name. He wandered around in desperation, but as he rested on an earth mound, he suddenly heard the voice of a troll-woman: Lie still, baby mine! Tomorrow cometh Fin, Father thine, And giveth thee Esbern Snare's eyes and heart to play with". Esbern returned to the building site, and when the troll brought the last half of the column, Esbern greeted him by name. Fin flew into a fury and vanished. Not until 600 years later did Fin the Troll have his revenge: on 7 September 1827, the great church spire collapsed. "

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