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Gjerrild Church

Gjerrild Church lies near the white cliffs of the Djursland coast from where 11th and 12th century church builders quarried the easily worked limestone. This church is lavishly decorated with recesses, half-columns and other ornamental details typical of the Grenå district's limestone churches. The colourful frescoes were painted by the Danish Brarup workshop in circa 1500. The last frescoes were rediscovered just a few years ago. The Brarup workshop motifs were typically narrative scenes from the Bible, and often also included moralising depictions.

A spanking for taunting Satan

  • Story written by: Peter Pentz
  • Time / Periode 1100 1200

The central arch of the nave bears frescoes of devils, apparently taunting a woman churning butter. One devil sits astride the woman's shoulders, while another craps in the butter. A third is stealing the butter. Another interpretation is that the woman is colluding with the devils, since a number of books of the period recount that women skilled at churning butter might have sexual relations with Satan himself. Whatever the case, the woman is certainly exacting rampant revenge on him: on the left she is seen riding backwards on Satan as she gives him a good spanking.

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