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Gjellerup Church

Gjellerup Church appears much like any other West Jutland Romanesque church. But in fact it was once superior to many others of its kind. There are traces of a Romanesque tower, and the sheer size of the church is remarkable. The oldest parts are the chancel and nave. Gjellerup Church also differs from other churches in that it has its own 'birth certificate'. For those who know Latin, an inscription above the south door tells them: In the year 1140 after Our Lord's incarnation this church was built in honour of God". "

The mystery of the church's age

  • Story written by: Peter Pentz
  • Time / Periode 1140

" The age of the church with its built-in dating has been keenly discussed in comparisons with other churches. There has been much doubt as to whether the inscription is reliable. For years, arguments concerning the ages of churches could not be substantiated. But in the late 1900s, a new method of dating changed things. Suddenly, precise dating was possible; not of the church masonry, but of its roof timbers and window frames, since these are often original. Samples were obtained of Gjellerup Church's old roof structure, and the ancient inscription was to be validated. Expectations ran high, making the disappointment all the worse: the tests revealed that Gjellerup Church was laid with a new roof in circa 1300, making it impossible to put a date on when it was built. "

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