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Hee Church

Hee Church is one of Denmark's most peculiar churches. One of the country's foremost Romanesque churches, it was greatly altered in 1884-1886 when an attempt was made to restore the church to its presumed original style. Many historic details were lost. It is doubtful whether the church as it is now in any way resembles the original, yet it is no less impressive as a monument. It represents an era when purism dictated a revival of authentic architectural styles.

Popular pastor with secular passions

  • Story written by: Peter Pentz
  • Time / Periode 1200

In 1622, Jens Christensen Gjødstrup was appointed pastor of Hee Church. As a sociable type who also played the fiddle, he was a frequent party guest at Voldbjerg Manor. The story goes that the lord of the manor had No Church in the neighbouring parish removed in favour of a chapel at Hee, to make Gjødstrup's living more attractive and prevent him from seeking elsewhere. But in fact, No Church was abandoned back in the Middle Ages, that is before Gjødstrup's time. What is certain is that Gjødstrup married Anna Nielsdatter, and that she bore him no fewer than 22 children.

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