[ Tjærby, Vestrup and Albæk]

Tjærby, Vestrup and Albæk

East of Randers alongside Randers Fiord you'll find the villages of Tjærby, Vestrup and Albæk. The land in the villages was redistributed in the 1780s but only a few farms moved. They consist of a row of four-wing farms like a string of pearls facing the meadows down near the fiord. Because of their location, they were called the lowland villages. As well as their beautiful location, another special feature shared by the brick-built farms is the well each one has in the middle of the courtyard. Groundwater springs occur naturally here. The size and location of the farms makes them unique, not only in East Jutland but also at a national level.

Silver buttons

  • Story written by: Hanne Schaumburg Sørensen
  • Time / Periode 1780 1790

The farmers in the lowland villages were wealthy. Not only was the soil fertile, yielding good crops, but the meadows were perfect for fattening up cattle and breeding Jutland draught horses. The farmers sold the cattle and horses to the many merchants who went to Randers market. Most of the farm buildings were built in the mid-19th century. At that time, grain prices were high and the standard of living meant that money could be invested in the farms. The increasing standard of living was reflected not only in the condition of the farms, but also in the farmers' clothing. Farmers from the lowland villages didn't make do with tin buttons – they had shiny silver buttons.

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