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Thorsgade Barracks

No. 24 Thorsgade in Randers is an impressive brick building erected in 1880-1881 as a barracks for new recruits to the Danish 5th Dragoon Regiment. The listed barracks was designed by a local architect, J.P. Jensen-Wærum. The dragoons left the barracks in 1945 in favour of modern premises on the northern outskirts of the town. By 1953, the dragoons had left Randers altogether. They were replaced by the Jutland Engineer Regiment, but they in turn left the town in 1997, ending Randers' history as a garrison town. Today, the converted recruits' barracks on Thorsgade houses a municipally-owned nursing home.

The Prince and Randers

  • Story written by: Tina Knudsen Jensen
  • Time / Periode 1891 1892

In winter 1891-1892, Randers had anything but an ordinary inhabitant. Prince Christian, who was to become King Christian X, followed in his father's footsteps to train with the dragoons. He enrolled at the officer-training academy in Randers, and stayed in a flat on Torvegade from 31 October 1891 until 24 May 1892. The Prince became a popular and valued guest in many local homes, and frequently joined audiences at the local theatre. Throughout his life, he took great interest in the life of the town, and later recalled his soldiering days in Randers as some of the best years of his youth.

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