[ 'Flame broiled' burgers at site of 1728 fire]

'Flame broiled' burgers at site of 1728 fire

One wonders if today’s customers at a burger establishment, who used to advertise their burgers as “flame broiled,” realizes the irony every time they order a burger ‘their own way’: This is the site of the great fire of 1728. Burger King, Rådhuspladen 55, at the corner of Rådhuspladsen and Frederiksberggade, is the site of Vester Kvarter 146. Where restaurant manager Peder Rasmussen, wife Anne and seven-year-old son lived on the second floor near the West Gate of the then walled city. The parents blamed their son for starting the fire in knocking over a candle. Some believe it was more like the parents who were making candles but blamed it on their son to escape civil prosecution. Regardless of how it started, the fire spread rapidly in the wooden residence and neighboring wooden buildings. It burned for three days, from Oct. 20-23, destroying around 28 percent of the city and leaving 20 percent of the residents homeless. It was the worst fire in the city’s history, wiping out almost half of the city dating from the Middle Ages. "It was a 'whopper' of a fire," said my friend Wendy.

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