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Harsdorff's House

Harsdorff's House from 1780 was designed and occupied by Caspar Frederik Harsdorff. He had been a professor at the School of Architecture of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts since 1766. As Nicolas-Henri Jardin's successor, Harsdorff favoured French classicism inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. The odd-shaped corner site on Kongens Nytorv presented many architectural challenges. Harsdorff's solution was to divide the facade into three. The characteristic mid-section is decorated with pilasters and crowned by a triangular gable with relief decoration that became an architectural model. Harsdorff had a major impact on architect C.F. Hansen and 19th century classicism.

A model building

  • Story written by: Anne-Louise Sommer
  • Time / Periode 1780

C.F. Harsdorff called his own work a contribution to the fight against depraved taste". Harsdorff was given the plot of land beside Charlottenborg by King Frederik V, and in return was to build a model house embodying the classicistic architectural ideals of the time. The house is a masterpiece – a contemporary citizen's house both in terms of its facade and furnishings. The first floor was the most splendid, as reflected in the facade. The building forges a link between the inside and outside. For example, a troublesome bend in the facade was transformed into an elegant oval-ended dining room. Harsdorff's House had a huge impact and became a model for architects, developers and craftsmen in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark. "

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