[ Avedøreværket]


Avedøreværket, a combined heat and power plant, is located on Avedøre Holme, south of Copenhagen. It consists of two separate power plant blocks from 1990 and 2001. Plant production capacity is 810 megawatts of electricity and 861 megawatts of heating. Avedøre 1 is primarily coal-fired, while Avedøre 2 can run on a wide variety of fuels such as natural gas, oil, straw and wood pellets. The Avedøre 2 plant boasts record-breaking utilisation of fuel energy. By generating electricity and heating simultaneously, Avedøre 2 utilises 94 per cent of the fuel energy. Avedøre 2 is one of the world's most efficient power plants.

Man-made elevation

  • Story written by: Flemming Petersen
  • Time / Periode 1990 2001

The Avedøre combined heat and power plant heralded a whole new brand of power plant architecture. The many new decentralised cogeneration plants built post-1990 were designed not only to meet engineering layout requirements, but also as monuments in their own right. The Avedøre plant, designed by the architects Claus Bjarrum and Jørgen Hauxner, is distinctive in both its scale and its design. Along with the other Copenhagen power plants, the Avedøre plant is one of the landmarks that defines the city from both the sea and the air. The plant is designed as a man-made elevation, rising above the water surface in the beach flats. The structure is clad in pale azure sheet steel, designed to let the sun's rays trace silhouettes across the surface.

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