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Classens Have

The garden of the Ved Classens Have housing block in Østerbro, Copenhagen, contains a monument to the events that took place here. It reminds visitors of the soldiers' heroism during a battle in the garden while the British were holding Copenhagen under seige in 1807. Local street names such as Livjægergade (Volunteers Street) and Holsteinsgade also testify to acts of bravery that took place on 31 August 1807. Back then, the garden belonged to a factory owner, General Johan Frederik Classen, and it was large and romantic. The event is highlighted as an especially brave effort during the British siege of Copenhagen in 1807. It is also the only Danish victory, albeit a small one, in this battle, which ended in the bombardment of Copenhagen on 2 September 1807.

Volunteers burn down the summerhouse

  • Story written by: Frederikke Heick
  • Time / Periode 1807

It was 1807 and the British held Copenhagen under siege. Their demand was simple. The Danes were to hand over their naval fleet or the British would take it by force. The Danes rejected this ultimatum and the city prepared for battle. At that time, Classen's Garden" was outside the city ramparts in a no-build zone that was meant to provide a view of the approaching enemy. But the trees and summerhouse in the garden stood in the way and screened the British troops. On the morning of 31 August, more than 2,000 men from the corps of volunteers and some from the naval base at Holmen followed Major Holstein out through the King's Gate of Kastellet (the Citadel). The soldiers beat the British back far enough to clear the garden of the trees and buildings blocking the view. The mission resulted in a number of casualties and deaths. "

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