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Avedøre Flyveplads

Avedøre Flyveplads from 1917 is Denmark's oldest, preserved airfield. The listed hangars were made of wood so they could be burned down in the event of war. These structures are monuments to the beginnings of the Danish Air Force. The airfield contains ten other listed buildings, which were built for the Wehrmacht during the German Occupation. Here the Germans tested bomber engines after repairs at the collaborationist company, A/S Nordwerk, in Copenhagen. The director of this company was shot in 1945 a few kilometres from the airfield. There is still activity at the airfield every Tuesday, and every other year, airshows are held here on the last Sunday in August.

Danish history in the red hangars

  • Story written by: Poul Sverrild
  • Time / Periode 1917

The airfield owes its survival to the associations", asserts Vagn Westh, former hangar foreman, resting his hand on a lathe by the listed engine-testing bed. The test-bed was built by a Danish company for the Wehrmacht in 1943. Vagn Westh is an active member of a vintage aircraft club which meets at the Avedøre airfield. The club is one of the associations that restores vintage aircraft and organises the airshows. Pointing to the red hangars from 1917, Westh recalls: "It was a big day in 2004 when we reopened the runway after 50 years. The sound and sight of the old aircraft move most people and the thousands of spectators at our airshows tell us that we are hitting the right spot. After all, the red buildings are part of the Danish heritage". "

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