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City 2

The City 2 shopping centre in Høje Taastrup opened in 1975 as a product of the 1960s-70s sprawl of Greater Copenhagen into West Zealand. The new suburbia inspired enterprising businessmen to import an American success: the shopping mall. They purchased a cheap site near a main road with lots of parking. Here they built a complex of arcades for a wide range of retailers. Over the next decades, countless shopping centres shot up in the suburbs and provinces, including City 2, which at 81,000 square metres was the largest until 2004.

Out-of-town shopping precinct

  • Story written by: Jens Toftgaard
  • Time / Periode 1975

In the 1960s, Copenhagen's city centre was under pressure from increasing congestion and demand for office space. To resolve the problems, city planners designated out-of-town sites near major junctions as secondary centres. Høje Taastrup was intended to serve as a new traffic node and future urban centre with shops and private and public-sector offices. Although a private-sector venture rather than an urban-planning initiative, the name City 2" signalled that it was to rival the No. 1 shopping precinct of Strøget in Copenhagen city centre. But government investment was slow in coming and not until 1986 was Højre Taastrup Station ready as the intended relief rail station for Copenhagen Central Station. "

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