[ The Wives' Line (Herning-Viborg)]

The Wives' Line (Herning-Viborg)

The distance from Viborg to Herning was only 45 km as the crow flew, but the railway line between the two towns covered 180 km via Langå and 191 km via Struer-Skjern. This was only one reason why Parliament passed a law in 1900 to build a state railway between Herning and Viborg. It was also a cultural line for backward Jutland heath areas. At its opening in 1906, the line stopped at Nybo, Sunds, Ilskov, Karup, Frederiks, Skelhøje and Bækkelund. Marl transports for cultivating heathland made the line a success in terms of transporting goods. The line closed for passenger traffic in 1971 and for goods traffic in 1977.

Low wages for women telephonists

  • Story written by: Poul Thestrup
  • Time / Periode 1906

To cut costs, telephones rather than telegraphs were installed along the line that could be operated by women station mistresses who were paid lower wages. This had already proved a success on private lines. The wives" along the Herning-Viborg Line were married to the line foremen. They were no longer spring chickens, were uneducated, and were given only limited training. Not surprisingly, the scheme was never a success. The wives were replaced by male station masters from 1909 until 1920. The disused line is now called Alhedestien and is ideal for pedestrians and cyclists. A number of station buildings still flank the route. Karup station has a monument to "The Wives' Line", though this station never had a female station mistress. "

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