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Thorsbro Waterworks

Thorsbro Waterworks in Ishøj was built in 1906-09 and designed by architect Andreas Fussing for the City of Copenhagen. Copenhagen was growing and by about 1900, the need for water was growing fast. The existing waterworks could no longer keep up with demand and Copenhagen's Water Supply had to explore new sources. Water was therefore pumped from Thorsbro Waterworks via a pressure pipeline to the reservoir under Søndermarken Park. This supplied Copenhagen with adequate water. Water is still pumped under the old works whose old buildings are now listed and converted into a museum.

Hear the engine roar into life!

  • Story written by: Kathrine G. Bjerregaard
  • Time / Periode 1908 1985

Thorsbro Waterworks is an architectural gem from 1908. From that point, Copenhagen grew and grew and required more and more water. One small and three large engines still stand in the old machine hall. They were built at the B&W Machine Works in the 1930s. The engines were later decommissioned and the waterworks has been converted into a museum. But to celebrate the waterworks' 100th jubilee, one of the 80-year-old diesel engines once more roared into life. Now visitors touring the museum can hear the engine for themselves and sense the life that once flourished here. The museum is open to the public on certain summer days.

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