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Henning Larsen's Gymnasium

Henning Larsen designed Hoeje-Taastrup Gymnasium. It was built in 1979-81 and is considered a prime example of Danish architecture of the early 1980s. The building is modernistic. It was structured so that the pupils stayed in the same classroom. This was a new approach at a time when high schools otherwise had different special subject rooms. The high school's four main blocks were divided into smaller sections of home territory". Each section has an area for group work and individual work. Communal areas link the main blocks. The communal areas form a cohesive area on the ground floor with a cafeteria and kitchen. "

Teamwork comes to the Danish high schools

  • Story written by: Keld Grinder-Hansen
  • Time / Periode 1979 1981

The home territory" style high school reflected a new direction in high school education in the 1980s. Interdisciplinary teaching was gaining ground and new work forms were being introduced. Completely new written assignments were becoming popular, for example. They required more independent work and were more comprehensive. The debate on teaching theory focused on the pupils' learning process, and trials were being initiated involving project-oriented teaching. Traditional teaching from a lectern was dropped and group work became a popular everyday working form. The debate on high schools began focusing on the fact that being part of the learning process encouraged pupils to learn. The teaching, which was pupil-oriented, also included an important socialising element. That could be as important as knowledge and insight. "

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