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Tibirke Bakker

" In 1916, Tibirke Bakker was the first area in Denmark to be developed as a designated zone for holiday homes. Even in the early 19th century, the heather-clad hills had attracted artists, authors and the well-to-do. Now, a century later, renowned architects such as Mogens Clemmensen, Mogens Lassen, Ivar Bentsen and Vilhelm Lauritzen were designing the area's holiday homes. The architect Ejnar Dyggve and his wife Ingrid designed a considerable number of houses in the hills. Dyggve was also responsible for the development plan. This was to ensure that the area did not become so built up that the nature experience was lost; only one residence was to be built for each acre of land. "

Snob Hills

  • Story written by: Michael Lauenborg
  • Time / Periode 1920

Holiday homes with the best locations in Tibirke Bakker currently cost up to DKK 20 million. Development of the area was started by the well-to-do and is still aimed at this category of Danes. As early as in 1928, the author-architect and social critic Poul Henningsen referred to the area as Snob Hills". The attractive holiday homes are rarely for sale on the open market, tending more to be acquired by inheritance. The reason for the high sales prices of holiday homes in Tibirke Bakker is partly the landscape plan from 1916 which has preserved the natural environs. But another factor is that the houses were designed by renowned architects and that a number of them have been owned by famous Danes. "

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