[ Christiansborg Palace Chapel]

Christiansborg Palace Chapel

The chapel and the beautiful passage between the chapel and the palace survived the Christianborg Palace fire in 1884. This is all that remains of the architect Christian Frederik Hansen's large palace complex. The chapel is from 1825 and is held to be one of the most outstanding works of Danish architecture in that it superbly balances a variety of styles. The severe front of the building boasts a temple forepiece supported by columns. As one turns the corner along the canal, the facade makes a vivid impression for its many large windows. Inside, the church is almost riotously festive, with its stucco and warm, yellow-marbled walls.

World-class Classicism

  • Story written by: Thomas Roland
  • Time / Periode 1825 1826

Christian Frederik Hansen (1756-1845) is without a doubt one of Denmark's greatest architects. He represented a very pure version of Classicism, with inspiration from ancient Rome. Hansen began his career in the Danish Duchy of Holstein, where he was appointed director general of rural buildings. In this way, a Danish architect came to build many fine townhouses, country villas and manors in what is now Germany. Hansen's Classicist style was highly favoured by his clients, who were mainly wealthy merchants. His interpretation of the powerful architecture of the Roman Empire became a symbol of the merchants' own influence. In 1804, Hansen moved to Copenhagen. Here he went on to design a large number of the capital's finest buildings, such as Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady), the town hall and city courthouse, and also Christiansborg Palace which was lost in a fire.

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