[ Christiania]


In 1971, the Armed Forces retreated from the barracks in Bådsmandsstræde in Christianshavn. And the same year, young squatters from Copenhagen moved in with a dream of living along alternative lines – both in terms of lifestyle and organisation. Later, the free city spread to include the inner and outer ramparts almost up to Refs Peninsula. Christiania's almost 40-year history has been tainted by conflicts and tugs of war between the Christianites and the state, though. The state wants legislation and normalisation, which contradicts with the basic idea of Christiania as a free city and the charm and creativity this inspires.

We will survive

  • Story written by: Inger Wiene
  • Time / Periode 1971 2009

Christiania is a live budding life, a green plant growing between the cobblestones. Clauses cannot create but they can crush. Don't let that happen!" This was what architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen wrote about Christiania's flourishing building culture. After all, the buildings are an important part of what people find is special about the place. The many alternative shapes and colours break from usual ideas of what houses should look like. Creativity and new building mindsets have blossomed because the Christianites have not been constrained by building permits and planning permission. That's partly what is special about Christiania and what attracts tourists from all over the world. "

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