[ Åstrupvej 3]

Åstrupvej 3

An aerial photograph of Løvel Heath shows traces of a system of Iron Age fields – called dike embankments. The area covers about 320 hectares of the north eastern part of the heath. The photo shows a network of square flat areas bordered by lighter contours. The contours are traces of the low, wide embankments of compost and pale sand that form the borders between the Iron Age fields. The embankments are now largely invisible. Today, the sole visible proof of their existence is the light outline of the base of the embankments, which can only be seen from the air.

American military photo revealed prehistoric field

  • Story written by: Lea Meistrup-Larsen
  • Time / Periode -500 1960

Major P. Harder Sørensen had a passion for finding unknown prehistoric fields. With his military background, he managed to track down a series of aerial photos taken by the US Air Force in Denmark in 1954. The footage was taken in the run up to the cold war and was to have been used by the military administration to counteract a potential Soviet invasion. The threat from the Soviet Union never became a reality. So instead, Harder Sørensen peacefully began sifting through the aerial photos and found 447 previously unknown Iron Age fields. Løvel Heath was one of the previously unknown field systems he discovered.

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