[ Hellerup Strandpark and Harbour]

Hellerup Strandpark and Harbour

Hellerup Strandpark was established over several years after 1912. With its box hedge parterres, leafy canopy, sandstone vases and old-fashioned roses, it could easily have been a historical pastiche. But today it is just the opposite, a thriving and functional forum for locals and visitors. You can say that the beach park is organised along neoclassicistic lines, each section with its own special feature - the flower gardens, playground and tennis courts. At the centre of the park is a harbour basin that was formed in 1911, while the lime-tree avenues link the many individual parts together.

A user-friendly oasis

  • Story written by: Malene Hauxner, RIP
  • Time / Periode 1912

G.N. Brandt was the master of Danish gardening at the beginning of the 1900s. In 1912, he and state engineer A. Westergaard won a competition to design Hellerup Strandpark. Their idea swept aside the traditional view of landscape gardening and paved the way for Denmark's first park laid out along functionalistic lines. With his understanding of modern life and aesthetics, G.N. Brandt was ahead of his time. (...)That which will always form this park's most important attraction – regardless of how the garden is planted – will be the Promenade on the large jetty, the Sound and life in the harbour and on the tennis courts". Before Hellerup's oasis, parks were not designed like this with a particular purpose in mind. "

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