[ Årsdale Mill]

Årsdale Mill

In 1877, mill builder Didrik Kjøller from Nexø and his four sons built a new windmill for miller Hans Peter Mikkelsen in Årsdale near Ibsker. The mill has been owned by his family ever since. It was the last Bornholm windmill to stop operating. The mill still works, as tourists can witness. Årsdale Mill is an octagonal brick mill. This type of mill is typical of Bornholm, which has had eight of them. Only one other place in Denmark – Haderslev - has a mill like this.

Winds of change

  • Story written by: Lise Andersen
  • Time / Periode 1877

In around 1900, steam mills began to threaten watermills and windmills. Many old mills ground to a halt. Others attempted to battle on by modernising their mills. In 1919, Johannes Mikkelsen inherited Årsdale Mill from his father. Johannes started by buying a wind rose to steer the mill in the right wind direction. Two of the wings were given flaps instead of old cloth sails. It was then quicker to regulate the sails, leaving the miller free to mind the grinder. Two years later, he could afford to put flaps on the two remaining sails, and install a new cast iron axle. The machinery was modernised with devices such as a rolling stand in 1929. The small auxiliary engine from 1904 was replaced once in 1939 and again in 1961.

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