Mariager Kloster

Nuns and monks share an abbey


In the Middle Ages, Mariager Abbey housed nuns and monks of the Bridgettine Order. It was established in 1446 on the initiative of the Bishop of Aarhus and when the church was finished in about 1480, it was one of the largest in the country. Thanks to gifts of land…

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Bridget's festival in the Basilica

Time / Periode 1446
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The Bridgettine Order was founded in 1370 by Saint Bridget of Sweden. A member of the Swedish aristocracy, Bridget was a charismatic woman who, throughout her life, came to be highly influenial not only on the Catholic church, but also on the political power struggles in Scandinavia at the time. Bridget died in 1373. Through her revelations, in which she envisioned herself as a mouthpiece of Christ, she intervened at the highest level in the political issues of her day. The original Bridgettines were the first order to admit both nuns and monks, although the two lived in strict segregation. Following her conquest of Sweden, Queen Margrete I of Denmark soon found out how to mobilise the popularity of the Bridgettines, and was, for example, a strong supporter of the mission to have Bridget canonised. This was achieved in 1391, when her canonisation was celebrated by a great festival in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. Some years later, Queen Margrete I herself was admitted to the order as an honorary lay-sister, and devoted the last years of her life to establishing a new Bridgettine abbey in Maribo. The name of this Danish town means "home of the Virgin Mary". In 1416, construction was well underway, and in that same year, monks and nuns were sent from Vadstena in Sweden to Maribo to organise the new abbey.

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In the Middle Ages, Nordic abbeys were usually founded by orders from the south, but in the 14th…

Bridget's festival in the Basilica

The Bridgettine Order was founded in 1370 by Saint Bridget of Sweden. A member of the Swedish…

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