Bøtø Nor og Marrebæk

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Bøtø Cove, close to Marrebæk on South Falster is a dammed and drained area of 2,150 hectares. As early as in 1762, an attempt was made to drain the cove - unsuccessfully. Estate owner Edward Tesdorpf took the initiative to establish I/S Bøtø Nors Udgravnings-og…

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Tesdorpf's training in draining

Time / Periode 1871
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Edward Tesdorpf was born in Hamburg in 1817 and came to Denmark in 1837. In 1839, he bought Ourupgård Estate and later acquired several local farms and other estates. Tesdorpf was a pioneer of farming. In 1842, he abolished the farmers' duty to work on his estate. He introduced improvements in the dairy industry and enjoyed giving lectures. After a study trip to England in 1844, he became the first man in Denmark to improve his land by draining it. Tesdorpf was also the driving force behind the cooperative sugar factory in Nykøbing Falster in 1884. Later, Tesdorpf became chairman of the parish council in Idestrup and other positions. He also became president of a company of smallholders called Landhusholdingsselskabet, where he trained 300 men to drain land. He then sent them out to pass the skill on to other farmers in Denmark.

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Tesdorpf's training in draining

Edward Tesdorpf was born in Hamburg in 1817 and came to Denmark in 1837. In 1839, he bought…

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