Sten med skåltegn, Næsbyholm Storskov

Forest protects burial mounds


Among the rolling hills of central Zealand, in a large forest at Næsbyholm, looking out over Tystrup-Bavelse Lakes, is one of the largest clusters of burial mounds in Denmark. 118 Bronze Age burial mounds have been preserved. There are also three dolmens (portal…

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Sten med skåltegn, Næsbyholm Storskov

Nyligt funden sten med skåltegn, Næsbyholm Storskov.

År: 2003 PHOTO:Flemming Kaul

Næsbyholm Storskov, Mont Blanc
Næsbyholm Storskov, dysseoverligger med skåltegn-2
Næsbyholm Storskov, dysseoverligger med skålsten-1
Sten med skåltegn, Næsbyholm Storskov

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Were dead people buried in the forests?

No. The forests were not used as burial sites. Back in the Bronze Age, the burial mounds were built…

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