The jewel of Island's Brygge


Nokken is an area stretching south from the end of Islands Brygge. Islands Brygge was built in 1900–1905 specifically for harbour-related industrial buildings. Except for the Soya Cake Factory from 1910, industrial buildings were restricted to the southern zone.…

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Enough is enough

Time / Periode 1930 2009
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At Nokken we are ordinary people. Our beach – which is Nokken's hallmark – is not just reserved for those who live there… And that's why we say: Enough is enough! - Drop the plans for a houseboat village off Nokken." That's what you can read on Nokken, and now its very existence is threatened. Nokken has lived quite happily out of the limelight for 50 years but right now its location has become attractive and other interests are involved. Nokken's residents violently objected when planners proposed permitting houseboats to moor at newly built jetties. Fortunately the area is still worth a cycle trip to see the charming houses, enjoy the special community spirit and see the view of the waterfront and Copenhagen's old industrial quarter. "

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Enough is enough

At Nokken we are ordinary people. Our beach – which is Nokken's hallmark – is not just…

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