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" Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is located in the heart of Copenhagen. Glyptotheca is Greek for a room devoted to a collection of sculptures. It was founded by the brewer Carl Jacobsen, and takes its name from his Ny Carlsberg brewery. The museum contains the…

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Democracy of light

Time / Periode 1997
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Malmö Public Library (Stadsbibliotek) is famed worldwide for its 1997 building "Calendar of Light”. The new building was designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen as an extension to the original public library. Although the new library extension mirrors the existing building's square shape, it bears no other similarities with the original library. In Larsen's building, the wall facing the surrounding park is fully glazed. The wall of windows opens up the building to its surroundings, eliminating the divide between outdoors and in. The key is the light: During the day, interaction between the library and gardens is created by daylight, while the artificially lit library interior creates dialogue after dark. There is a connectedness between the building and its surroundings, which invites everyone to participate in life at the library. In this way, Henning Larsen's building portrays the role played by libraries – along with museums, theatres and arts & culture centres – in the Scandinavian welfare society. This is where cultural heritage is united with life lived here and now. Society has a democratic obligation to invite all citizens inside these cultural buildings, and as a citizen one has the right of access to knowledge, information and learning. This common Scandinavian legacy has found its tangible architectural embodiment in Malmö Public Library.

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Malene Rosenholm
, more than 6 years ago

Definitely a must-see place if you are visiting Denmark. Best regards from Malene,

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When the brewer became one with antiquity

" In 1906, the architect Hack Kampmann extended Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with features such as a …

Democracy of light

Malmö Public Library (Stadsbibliotek) is famed worldwide for its 1997 building "Calendar of…

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