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The island of Nyord is in the channel between Møn and Zealand. Around 1800, the small fertile islands of south-eastern Denmark were among the country’s most densely populated areas. Even though the island was small, dozens of families living there were able to make …

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Pilot island

Time / Periode 1200 1300
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The uncommon Danish place name Nyord" is derived from "Nywarth". The name first appears in the 13th century and means "new watchtower" or "new observation point". Nyord was certainly a place where people kept watch. All ships sailing through the channel had to have a pilot on board. This is clearly reflected in the island's history. In 1847, pilots were the heads of 27 of Nyord's 48 households. The importance that piloting had for the island can be seen on the harbour front, where a small pilot watchtower from 1883 still stands. At that time, it kept watch over the 1,000 or so ships each year that required a pilot to help them safely through the channel. According to a good little exhibition on the island, the profession was so lucrative that when the king put the island up for sale in 1769, the residents bought it themselves. "

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Pilot island

The uncommon Danish place name Nyord" is derived from "Nywarth". The name first…

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