Odder Rådhus: Indgang

A brutal town hall


Odder Town Hall was built in 1972 and extended in 1980. The building was designed by the architects Friis & Moltke of Aarhus. The style is Brutalist, the hallmarks of which are bare concrete and brick with outsize details such as railings and handles. The Town Hall…

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Odder Rådhus: Gård

Bygninger er udført i en brutalistisk stil med rustikke materialer og overdimensionerede detaljer

År: 1972 PHOTO:B

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Odder Rådhus: Gård
Odder Rådhus
Odder Rådhus: Indgang

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Democracy just entered the building

Following the local government reform of 1970, many of the new town halls did away with their…

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