The city’s best-kept secret


In a corner of a car park in the middle of a housing estate in Odense is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Concealed behind fences and bushes, beneath the old manor house of Kragsbjerggård from 1835, is a 450 square metre command centre protected against chemical …

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An untouched time capsule

Time / Periode 1954
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To this day, the facility stands intact with its gasproof armoured doors as a ‘time capsule’ complete with the original forms, disaster plans, telephones, illuminated city map, radio and warning installation, all of which testify to the harsh reality of the Cold War. All of the installations are still functional. The central room is an auditorium-style command centre, where the mayor, city councillors and municipal supply officers headed by the local leader of the civil defence could monitor developments in the war and decide how to protect the city and its people. In addition, the facility contains a communications centre, a kitchen-diner to seat 30 and an intact machine room with a primed and ready auxiliary power unit from 1954. The new section of the bunker was not finally completed before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and there was time only to ready a dormitory with bunk beds for 24 people and a room for response exercises with the command section. In 2013, the bunker opened as a museum.

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An untouched time capsule

To this day, the facility stands intact with its gasproof armoured doors as a ‘time capsule’…

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