Ørum Missionshus

The leader's own mission house


The mission house was built in 1896 for the local branch of the Home Mission, a venue for religious meetings, with Sunday school for children. Many mission houses were built in Denmark in the 1890s. In 1896 alone, 47 Home Mission community halls were built, including…

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Ørum Missionshus

Ørum Missionshus på Djursland

År: 2006 PHOTO:Jakob Øhlenschlæger

Nu er missionshuset væk
Missionshuset i Ørum under nedrivning, set indefra
Missionshuset i Ørum under nedrivning
Ørum Missionshus

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A thunderbolt from God?

The Home Mission is a branch of the Church of Denmark rooted in the religious revivals of the…

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