Well-preserved Iron Age village on the moor


The Østerbølle site offers an outstanding opportunity to experience the well-preserved ruins of a village abandoned almost 2,000 years ago. The surviving turf banks that surrounded every single building still cast long shadows in this scheduled heritage site on the…

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The abandoned village tells its tale

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" In the Iron Age it was common for villages to be abandoned and their communities relocated. This happened for example when farming finally exhausted the soil around the village. But at least one dwelling at the Østerbølle site was abandoned under more dramatic circumstances: it burned down; the inhabitants escaped, but had to abandon their possessions. The village has never been excavated, but samples have been taken from the well-preserved ruins. Three main buildings, levelled by millennia of ploughing, were excavated in the 1930s. The finds included fireplaces, grinding and mortar stones, abandoned earthenware vessels containing foodstuffs such as grain and seeds, a spinner's spindle, a knife and a couple of iron axes. Some of the earthenware vessels had been deposited as votive offerings under the fireplaces. "

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The abandoned village tells its tale

" In the Iron Age it was common for villages to be abandoned and their communities relocated.…

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