Bornholm's largest round church


Østerlars Church is probably Bornholm's most famous round church. It is also the largest of the island's four round churches, with an outer diameter of 16 metres. Made of granite, it was built in circa 1100. Like the other round churches, Østerlars has…

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Murder and terrorism on Bornholm

Time / Periode 1100 1150
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Østerlars Church has a memorial plaque hanging in honour of Rev. Jørgen Jensen Sode and his wife Maren Hansdatter Anker. In February 1658, Bornholm was surrendered to Sweden. In April, the Swedish Commandant Johan Printzenschiöld arrived in Bornholm with his wife and five children. It was not a wise move. Just six months later, in November 1658, King Frederik III incited the islanders of Bornholm to revolt. Which they did. A conspiracy involving 22 men was led by Maren's brother, Poul Hansen Anker. On 8 December, Printzenschiöld left Hammershus and rode towards Rønne. The conspirators gave chase. That evening Printzenschiöld was shot in Storegade in Rønne. Regardless of whether or not it was an accident, murder or terrorism, it marked the end of the short Swedish rule on Bornholm. Maren's brother Jens was given the honorary title Saviour of Bornholm.

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Erling Haagensen
, more than 6 years ago

True: Marens brother was Poul Hansen Anker. He was a priest in Hasle Church and the grey eminence in the conspiracy. But: Jens, who was given the honorrary title Saviour of Bornholm, was Jens Koefoed - close fried and conspiracy partner to Poul Hansen Anker. Jens was in charge of the successful military operation.

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Murder and terrorism on Bornholm

Østerlars Church has a memorial plaque hanging in honour of Rev. Jørgen Jensen Sode and his wife…

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