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A masterly feat at the port


Århus Oliefabrik A/S came on stream in 1871 as Aarhus Palmekærnefabrik. The original production consisted of animal feed. From the 1890s, the company began to refine cooking oils, and eventually the manufacture of raw materials for the margarine and chocolate…

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Scandinavia's largest silo facility

Time / Periode 1930
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The factory's most distinctive building is the silo facility at the company's northern quay giving onto Basin 3. It was built in 1927-30 to ease the workload of the other quays at the oil factory, where the factory's ships docked. The silo facility was designed by the Danish engineering and contracting firm of Christiani & Nielsen, which for a long period in the 1900s was a world leader in reinforced concrete and silo construction. The facility consists of 36 large reinforced concrete cylinders in three rows. When it was built, its total capacity of 20,000 cubic metres made it Scandinavia's largest silo facility. It was also the first structure in Denmark to be cast using sliding shuttering, that is, gradual concrete casting with elevating shuttering. The huge silo facility boasts clean lines and rational design while being a masterly feat of engineering.

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Scandinavia's largest silo facility

The factory's most distinctive building is the silo facility at the company's northern…

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