Poskær Stenhus 1

Denmark's largest round barrow


Poskær Stenhus is Denmark's largest round barrow. The best view of this monument is from the north approach by the road through the hills of Mols Bjerge. The burial chamber has a diameter of more than 2 metres and a ceiling height of almost 1.8 metres. The…

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Poskær Stenhus, håndkoloreret fotografi

Håndkoloreret fotografi af Poskær Stenhus

År: 1960 (ca.) PHOTO:Arkiv Kulturarvsstyrelsen

Poskær Stenhus, håndkoloreret fotografi
Poskær Stenhus 4
Poskær Stenhus 3
Poskær Stenhus 2
Poskær Stenhus 1

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Barrow saved from blasting

In 1859, when landowner Ole Hansen attempted to blast the stones in the barrow for building…

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