Danish radio's war baby


Construction of Statsradiofonien's headquarters on Rosenørns Allé in Frederiksberg got underway in 1938, but it took another 7 years before Radiohuset finally opened. The building was designed by the architect Vilhelm Lauritzen and is regarded as a major work of…

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Images from Radiohuset

Two technicians at Radio Mercur,

Preben Ploug and Jerry Katz, broadcasting new years eve, 1961/62.

År: 1961 PHOTO:Skandinavisk Offshore Radio Historie

Cheeta II
Panama flag
Newspaper flyer announcing the end of Radio Mercur
Two technicians at Radio Mercur,
the Radio Mercur logo

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Stories (2)

Lied to the Germans

Radiohuset was almost half-built in 1940 when Denmark came under German occupation. The occupying…

The Devil's work on radio waves

When Francois Aneu started transmitting military music from Luxembourg to other countries he sparked…

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